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By Carl Hiaasen

When Mel Snow meets Toby Warring in a dusty roadside bar, she is instantly drawn to the brilliant magician who can pull roses from thin air and conjure castles out of desert sands. They marry two days later, and begin a life together in the shadow of Las Vegas, where Toby hopes to make it big. Mel knows that magicians are a dime a dozen, but Toby is different—his magic is real.

But as Toby’s renown grows and Mel falls more and more in love with his wonderments, she starts to realize that Toby's powers are as unstable as they are dazzling. She learns that he once made his assistant disappear completely, and couldn’t bring her back. And soon she begins to wonder if the love they share is genuine or merely a fantasy, conjured up by a lost magician looking to save himself from being alone.

Ivy Pochoda’s spellbinding and cinematic storytelling seamlessly fuses timeless magic to modern-day passion. Haunting and beautiful, The Art of Disappearing is an imaginative and captivating love story destined to enchant readers for years to come.

Hardback: used, first edition

What's Happening

November is here!  I love November for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason of all (besides food) is Nanowrimo.  Stacy is participating again this year and is bound and determined to make it over the finish line and win.  And because we love this organization so much, we are giving them 10% of November's profits.  So, if you've been thinking about waiting for a good opportunity to buy a book or on the Crochet Bohemian's creations, this would be the time to do it.

Nanowrimo is Coming!

Brace yourselves, it will be here soon.  Well, actually, we are excited to see it coming.  It's that magical month where writers put their ballcaps on backwards and chew up their no.2 pencils while pounding out a novel in a month.  It's a fantastic process and we love it to death.  Our own Stacy will once again be hitting the pages to create her own novel.  Join her, look for blue.snow, and cheer her on to actually get it completed this year on time.  She promises to do the same for you.

For the month of November, 10% of all profits will go to Nanowrimo.

We have finally launched!

Thank you for coming to check us out here.  We are thrilled to have you visit us.  I know we are small, but please take time to see what we have to offer and check back frequently as our selection will be changing quickly as more is added to our stock.

Thank you!

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